Switch to Post/agreements and create the access tokens with the required areas. Use Get/agreements/`agreementId` to retrieve the latest ETag. How do I update the status of “AUTHORING” to “IN_PROCESS” with Put /agreements/`agreementId`/state? Collecting the agreement ID, which is available using the POST/Accord method. It sends the agreement to that recipient as soon as the application is complete. Switch to Put/agreements/`agreementId`/state, then provide the following information: For if-Match, use the Etag value of the Get/agreements method. What is Flattening? Flattening allows the display of the signature note to be transferred to the content of the page, effectively removing interactive elements, while maintaining visual representation. Adobe`s “Print in PDF” feature flattens the document and will reset all settings to the default settings. Use the put/agreements/`agreementId`/formFields method with the following requirement as an example: helpx.adobe.com/sign/system-requirements.html How do I create an agreement with the API with “AUTHORING” status in V6? Switch to REST API V6 documentation and select the POST/Agreements method. The v6 has a number of creative APIs to create an agreement. In v5, form fields are directly used in POST/api agreements. However, in v6, the user can create a contract in the status authoring (status – AUTHORING) via v6 POST /agreements and use PUT/agreements/ID/formFields later to add form fields to the documents of this agreement. secure.na1.echosign.com/public/docs/restapi/v6#!/agreements/updateFormFields.

This is a document-specific problem. There are many possible causes that can prevent a file from being properly processed and rendered when uploaded to the Adobe Sign, z.B. web application: Use Adobe Acrobat to flatten the original PDF file to correct the error. . 某些 Creative Cloud 应 服务功能 – In the latest V6 version of the REST API, the “FormFields” setting is not available, as it is available in V5. . Do not touch anything while the document is “printed” as this can cause additional errors.