Official Military Transcripts must be submitted for evaluation to the Accreditation Board. Courses recommended by the American Council on Education (ACE) for higher education credit at the lower or higher level are considered for transfer, provided the programs are applicable to students` studies at the UW. 1. Sign up as a newcomer to a UW Colleges campus. Students who arrive at UW Colleges with a maximum of 6 previous transfer credits are still eligible for the contract. After enrolling in the UW, students may consider obtaining admission from departments for the transfer of credits acquired through course work to a non-accredited institution at the regional level. For information on possible credits for this type of course work, please contact the accreditation body. Students who have completed two years or more of a foreign language of secondary education do not obtain university recognition for an entrance course (z.B. FRANKFURT 101) in the same language if the course is completed after enrollment at the university. Transfer students who take such a course prior to enrolling in the UW can obtain transfer credits. If certain courses are not transferred and the student questions a decision, the student should consult the admissions specialist who has completed the transfer assessment.

Further appeals can be sent to the UW-Transferbeauftragten with the accrediting body. The Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA) allows Washington State students to transfer a “package” of credits for certain degrees, so that if you move from a 2-year college to most 4-year-old public colleges and universities in the state, the 4-year-old institution does not have to evaluate all courses on your transcript. The DBA contains definitions of a number of “big programs” that prepare you for some competitive majors. The UW allows the application of a maximum of 90 transfer course credits with a division below a UW degree. Of the 180 credits required to conclude the UW (some majors require more than 180), a maximum of 90 transfer credits are allowed under the division. Once you are registered with the UW, there is a difference between “comprehensive credits” and “total eligible credits” under the transfer credit summary based on the detail of the transfer credit. 3. Meet with a two-year university transfer program advisor at least once a semester during enrollment.

The Washington State Baccalaureates and Universities, listed below, subscribe to the Intercollege Relations Commissions (IKRC) guidelines for Direct Transfer Agreements (ATDs). Seattle Colleges offers both DTA degrees associated with the arts and associated with science, in accordance with ICRC guidelines. Associate Degrees DTAs are recognized as the most, if not all, general educational requirements for these institutions. Students who attend a DTA usually receive a junior booth upon admission. Students should have inquired with the transfer institution they plan to provide on additional information on general training, essential requirements and admission requirements.