In cases where the level of maintenance of nature is not sufficient for a commercial or public user, that user may perform all or part of the maintenance of the RSF surface in accordance with a forest service maintenance agreement. The agreement authorizes the end user to perform incremental maintenance of FSRs at no cost to the ministry. The work under this agreement is routine. With respect to connecting a road to an FSR, Section 23 of the Forest and Highways Act (FRPA) provides that a connection authorization must be obtained by the district chief. All non-transportation-related work (installations) established within an FSR act must be authorized by an operating licence. The operating licence does not authorize road work, timber harvesting, or transfers the right of priority to other parts of the right to leave the facility. To find out which neighbourhood the street is present in, read the map in the sidebar and the corresponding coordinates. The construction, use and maintenance of a forest road requires a road permit if access is not a forest road or other permanent line. All industrial users of FSRs require a license to use or a waiver issued by the district chief. This is the case in situations where the use of an RSF is necessary for short-term non-industrial use. Different permits are required for different activities on forest service roads (FSRs) and on resource roads.

The following information describes the use of these authorizations, followed by a list of constituency-specific instructions to help complete applications and other documents. More information on these permissions and other technical topics can be found in the Engineering Manual. Each district works differently, so please check the specific information for each district below. If the district you are interested in is not mentioned, please contact them directly via your contact information. For example, gas, water or telephone line work.