How do I download my contract.,? Work card being processed. If possible, please share the direct side link. If you work in the United Arab Emirates, it is best to familiarize yourself with the conditions set out in your employment contract. Instead of removing a printed copy of your job letter every time you want to check a clause, you can simply check your work card online in the UAE via the MOHRE (Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation) portal. Here is a comprehensive procedure that explains how to check your employment contract online in the UAE: the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) has a well-integrated online procedure for those who wish to obtain a copy of their employment contract online. You can visit the mohre website or the online portal eN something to print a copy of your employment contract. – Go to the MOHRE website – – On the page you can see the option “Work card information” – Select the option to go to the next page – Enter your data like work card number, person code, date of birth and nationality – once the system has found your information, you get to the next page – See your work card contract online. The card will have a validity date Hello, I would like to request and clarify my situation due to COVID 19-PANDEMIC, I applied and hired last January 14.2020 and I was terminated my previous company last January 28.2020. The new company applies a work card and displays my contract and work ID on my MOHRE account, but indicates the expiration on May 21, 2020. Am I legal to stay here in the UAE? As we have already agreed, they will pay all my fines due to their delay in processing.

I am confused about what I am going to do with my legal papers because of the situation now. Please help me. What do I have to do now because they don`t answer the question they just said, wait. Your last email told me they were waiting for my entry permit. Please lead me. Thank you for contacting us. You can`t see the status of your work card without having one. This is a department of the Ministry for each institution that wishes to obtain a new electronic employment contract and an authorization with a validity period of two years.

Hello My name is Marjorie C. Mosquite I just wanted to know my copy of the employment contract. How do I know my work card and contract, I don`t have them both so this is the procedure to get a copy of your UAE employment contract. It should also be noted that this only applies if the company is registered with the Ministry of Labour of the United Arab Emirates. We hope this tutorial will help you understand how you can check your contract online for your reference and conscience. Thank you for contacting us. Please read our article: to know the complete procedure to get a work card/work permit in Dubai. Thank you for contacting us.

We advise you to discuss this with your employer and ask them to give you the details of the contract and help you find your card number. For more information and questions, you can even contact MOHRE at +971-4-607-3555. Note: This procedure only works for people working under the UAE Ministry of Labour. .