I cried when we know that it will strongly affect the marketing of my products, given that it is a car store with repair shop. In doing so, I decided not to continue my lease on the room. My question, sir, can I still receive my 1-month account? The owner said I couldn`t get it anymore because the contract I signed says the account is non-refundable. Is he right, sir? Estimate your help, sir. (1) If the time limit agreed or fixed for the duration of leases under Articles 1682 and 1687 has expired; Article 1649. The tenant cannot assign the rental agreement without the agreement of the lessor, unless there is a rule to the contrary. (n) 10. Hello! We just received today a quote from Barangay Lupon in which our landlord filed a complaint against us for the unpaid electricity bill (which led to the separation) and the unpaid rent. My situation is this, we have a deposit of 2 months and a month in advance to the owner, but later in September we could not pay the month until Ocotber. That`s why we decided to change our cheaper home by the end of November. We have informed the owner that we will not pay the September balance of only 1,500 of 4,000 (monthly) until October and November. If that is the case, we still have $2,500.

Is it legal? We don`t have a formal contract or anything else. And on the electricity bill, we promised to pay his sweldo this weekend and the owner didn`t react or something like that. .