We want our index 2 and we run all around to get that. You need help getting this document. To avoid property fraud, a search is required. Buying a property or borrowing real estate by pawn, transaction search report is important to verify the chain of transaction history, must physically browse all registered documents prior to the related property. 1) To browse a registered document and index – II or 2) To browse all the recorded documents of a given property and its index – II and 3) To browse all the documents of a particular person or party and its index – I In the application, it is necessary to mention the information and the period as stated above and affix 5/- jurisdictional tax (stamp under label) on the application. Search fee: 25/- per year for the search for property or name for each name or property. The minimum charges are 300 for the first 12 years and 25//25 per year thereafter. Royalties must be paid in cash. Application Forms for Research Click here Type of document: Deed of Sale, Sales Contract, Gift Act, Transfer, Mortgage Act, Real Estate Exchange, etc. Amount of consideration for the property. Details of properties such as Municipal Jurisdiction, Zone and Sub Zone with Land Mark, item description such as C. T. S.

number, survey number, hissa number, Gat number, ground number, etc. Land built in square metres, type of land as land residence (apartment/room/bungalow), commercial unit (office /shop) and industrial unit Name of service providers parties (e) – Vendee (s) / Transferrer (s) – Transferee (s) / Assignor (s) – Assigneee (s) – Assigneee (s) etc. Execution Date Document available for registration date Stamp Duty Paid Amount Registration Fee. Can I download this document (Index 2) online, is it valid document? When I download Index II, it is an excerpt that is obtained after the registration of the ownership document. It is a kind of extract issued by the registration service in the form of an official document or a transaction log recorded in the registers of the registration authority and confirms that the transaction has been concluded. Only certified copies are valid. Index 2 is a very important document, as they borrow from the property of the bank or financial institution, they request for a certified copy of Index 2 of the property mentioned. Seniors guide us so that we can promote our names and transfer — you can also get INDEX II. I want to learn how to fill out the index form.

Nondani challan, and the use of documents, there are training opportunities? When receiving the check-in, please indicate that you receive the number of the supporting document received from the registered document and that you request Index 2 at the place where it is registered. 1) Index 2 is a summary of all documents recorded under-registration. The Registration Act requires the establishment and maintenance of the number of registration records. this is proof that the document for the registration I buy Flat Agreement has been filed registered at the town hall, but the date of the agreement is empty, as to update to the town hall please… This request collected by the bank before the liquidation of the cheque Hello dear customer, you must ask the office of the registrar concerned where the document in question was registered. You have a mandatory format in which you can apply and receive a copy of Index II. Click as if you are satisfied with the answer. But just look at it if you can submit a photocopy of it. If so, you can photograph the last two pages of the document in question, which bears the photos of the parties and the description of the property. You can also download from the igr website if it is available for download. Index II and its certified copies serve as proof of the document`s registration. Without disclosing clauses or conditions in the document, Index 2 summarizes the transaction and the details of the property indicated in the registered document.

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