If you accept an offer or one or more positions in an offer, an order or sales contract is generated automatically. You can then refuse offers from all other creditors. Program management and materials management are generally responsible for determining the price of the offer for the product or customer services. The basis for this type of decision-making is usually distilled from the prices and prices of the customer contract negotiated by the contract manufacturer. In the meantime, the price of the customer offer is then communicated to the OEM customer and other relevant organizations. It is important that this be set three, perhaps four weeks before the start of the quarter. This theme provides an overview of supply requirements (RFQs). Organizations set supply requirements when they want to obtain competitive offers from multiple suppliers for the items or services they need to acquire. In a quote request, you ask creditors to indicate prices and delivery times for the quantities of items you have listed. You can also ask lenders to indicate if incidental charges are available, z.B. shipping fees, or discounts for large contracts or prepayment of the credit bill.

Because the format of the offer is uniform within a given company, the requesting entity can easily compare them when supply requirements return with price offers. Typically, a tendering process consists of four phases: the preparatory phase, the treatment phase, the award phase and the final phase. As a general rule, the company assigns the contract to the creditor who meets the minimum qualification criteria and submits the lowest offer. If you send a quote request, a reply sheet is automatically generated. If you receive offers for a quote request, you must enter them via the Quote Request page by clicking on the Change RfQ response action. This way, you can enter the offer information into a dedicated offer form. First of all, the progress of the response is not initiated. When you click Change the RfQ response, the “Buyer” status is updated until the offer is made. Click Send if you have entered the offer information. The status “respond to progress” changes to Transmitted by the buyer. When the creditor`s collaboration is activated, the progress of the response is updated when the lender interacts with the offer. The status then changes from Kreditor is updated to Transmitted by Kreditor.

When the bid is made, a record is created as a receipt. The answer (offer) must be submitted to be registered as received and only then can it be treated as accepted or rejected.